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Strategy & Promotion

Types of promotions - such as quick deals, coupons or discounts - are particularly strong conversion factors. They are a powerful means of improving the visibility of the range, especially during Amazon events. We know the best case studies and have a proven track record of getting conversions by exploiting these types of promotions from the marketplace.

Various Advertising Options

With our expertise, we can help you stand out from the competition and significantly increase your sales. We are certified as an agency Partner of Amazon and have a professional and above all up-to-date knowledge of Amazon's advertising tools: Amazon Sponsored Search with a focus on Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Product Display. In addition, we know how to bring together the best advertising strategy with promotional offers and Amazon events, such as Black Friday or Prime Day. We manage advertising within Amazon's platform, Twitch and throughout the whole digital world.

Sponsored Advertising

Targeted use of Sponsored Ads will offer you a considerable competitive advantage. We analyse the brand status quo and align campaigns to your objectives. In this way we increase traffic to your brand, shop and product pages, thereby increasing sales.


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