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Potential Analysis

We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business and your products. We assess the prospects and possible criticisms for selling on Amazon. We study what countries to be present in, whether to use the Prime logistics programme offered by Amazon and how to obtain a Seller Account. We propose the most efficient and effective use of the budget, with the aim of achieving long-term success in the marketplace.

Assortment Analysis & Optimization

Our analysis of the product lists and the calculation of the quality score identification (i.e.the quality index of the textual and visual content present in Amazon), allows us to identify how best to optimise your products and therefore win the buybox.

Analysis of Competition

We analyse and assess the market potential of your business, in relation to the product category of your products. The monitoring of competitors' products allows you to be up to date on the content of the products themselves, on pricechanges, bestseller rankings and keywords of the best-selling products on Amazon, with the aim of increasing the traffic to your product lists.


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